Holiday checklist


Holiday checklist

Prepare your business for the holiday season! This list was created to help you plan and prepare your marketing campaigns and promotions for the busy holiday shopping season.


  • Write a to do list
    The holidays can be can be stressful and rather hectic. Set clear and realistic goals for yourself. Prepare a list to keep you organized and to help you reduce your stress.
  • Analyze the market Determine what your customers are looking for during the holidays and how your business can satisfy their shopping needs..
  • Search for inspiration
    Research what other businesses are offering during the holiday season. Social networks are a great place to discover creative and effective ideas..
  • Design a social media plan
    In the digital age, it is becoming increasingly important to carefully consider the timing and content of our social media activity. Stay realistic and follow your plan. Consider a small investment in social media paid advertising to boost your business during the holidays..
  • Update your website
    The holiday shopping season is the perfect time to update your website and confirm it is functioning correctly..
  • Plan your offers
    Utilize attractive offers and promotions to entice customers to visit your store during the holiday season. Choose products or services that are ideal for gift giving and promote them aggressively. Create appealing Shopping Point Deals that will be advertised on the Cashback World website and Cashback App. Your Merchant Services Team is always available to show you how:
  • Keep your customers informed
    Send out a Newsletter to your customers to keep them informed of special offers. In UTERM, you can find Newsletter templates for the holiday season that will help you create attractive messages..
  • Utilize your retail space
    Use your physical store as a key advantage over online shopping. Stimulate all of your shoppers' senses with creative merchandising, holiday themed signage and music, and offer personalized customer service..
  • Order marketing materials
    Holiday themed marketing materials such as greeting cards, flyers, posters, bags, etc. should be designed and ordered well in advance of the shopping season. Materials will be readily available in your downloads section. Make sure to order a sufficient quantity of Cashback Cards and Registration Flyers from your regional office before the holiday rush. Contact
  • Stock up
    Place orders ahead of the holiday rush and take advantage of bulk discounts and B2B special offers provided by other Cashback World Partners..
  • Lean on your circle of friends
    Your network of friends can be a great resource during the holiday season. Ask them to be your focus group and/or help each other out with small jobs around your business..
  • Acquire new loyal customers
    Approach potential new customers and turn them into loyal customers by registering them as Cashback World shoppers. Your UTERM app is an easy, fast and convenient way to register customers.


  • Time to decorate
    Decorate your store window and retail space with holiday themed decorations a few weeks before the holidays. Organize events and play festive music. If you also operate an e-commerce store, update your site with holiday themed imagery.
  • Make your customers aware of your offers Advertise
    your promotions, deals and offers instore and online. Banners, newspaper ads and flyers are excellent channels you can use to promote your business to prospective customers.
  • Order give-aways
    Branded swag and give-aways are a great way to show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression with your customers. Order your swag early to avoid missing the busy holiday shopping season.
  • Order Christmas cards
    Make sure you have ample holiday cards available for customers as well as employees. Check out other Cashback World Partners for any special offers on greeting cards.
  • Advertise Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11.29.2019 - 12.02.2019)
    If you haven't already done so, creating advertisements for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday is an excellent way to drive traffic to your store. These are 2 of the world's most popular shopping days. Use your Shopping Point Deal feature to establish special offers and your Newsletter module to communicate your sales to customers. Promote your Deals aggressively through a Newsletter, social network, website and instore posters and merchandising displays. The more you promote your Deals, the more you gain in sales and customer traffic.


  • Record and analyze your offer history
    Keep track of which offers were effective and which ones were ineffective and use this information to help you plan for next year.
  • Mail holiday greeting cards
    Greeting cards are a effective way to reward loyalty and/or express your appreciation to your customers. Including a greeting card to any online orders that you have received, is a simple touch to personalizing your customers' shopping experience.
  • Thank your employees and customers
    Thank your employees and customers with a little gift.
  • Treat yourself
    Don't forget your wellbeing during the busy holiday season. Treat yourself to a new outfit, a night out, or day at the spa. Make sure to visit other Cashback World Partners for special holiday offers.
  • Make a difference
    There are many people who are not able to purchase expensive gifts during the holidays. You can make a difference by giving the gift of joy and supporting a charitable project such as our Child & Family Foundation.
  • Plan for Boxing Day offers
    Boxing Day and Boxing Week is another very popular shopping period you do not want to miss. Discount last year's overstock items or offer Super Cashback to clear inventory. Customers are always looking for Boxing Week deals and special offers. Don't disappoint them.

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