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How to improve sales during the holiday shopping season

The holidays are considered the most lucrative shopping season of year. And for good reason, as the figures show. Last year, Canadian shoppers spent $50 billion in December alone.

Your piece of the holiday cake

The holiday season provides many opportunities for businesses to increase their sales. However, it doesn't happen automatically just because the most lucrative time of year has arrived. With the right sales tactics, a business can create the right conditions to ensure they secure a larger slice of the holiday cake. What are some of these tactics? Here are some tips to help you reach the end of the holiday shopping season with a noticeable sales increase.

  • Get the atmosphere right
Creating the right ambience in your store will ensure that shoppers get in the mood to shop. Use appropriate decorations such as tinsel, ornaments, holiday music and festive posters to transform your store into a festive, happy environment. Of course, you should always consider how people celebrate the holidays in your community and decorate accordingly.

  • The right choice
Bear in mind that customers shop during the holidays to buy presents for friends, family and co-workers. As the expert of your product or service offering, you should determine which products or services are suitable for gift-giving and promote those more aggressively.

  • Support your customers
Customers often have gift ideas when they start their shopping but are unsure about the exact gift they want to purchase for their loved ones. Give your customers a helping hand by showcasing products and services as attractively as you can. The better you can explain why a specific product is perfect for gift giving, the more likely customers are to buy it. And, if customers are happy with the gift they’ve purchased, they are most likely to share their experience with friends and family.

  • You can't go wrong
Of course, there's always customers who have no idea what they should buy for a friend or relative. Gift cards are the perfect option in this situation. Gift cards are a very popular option during the holidays that give the receiver the gift of choice.

  • Advertise properly
The more that customers are exposed and aware of your product or service, the higher the chance they will visit your store. Your holiday offers should be advertised in true holiday style. A holiday themed newsletter works well to attract your regular customers. Flyers, advertisements, website banners, social media posts, price tags and posters displayed around your store and at the cash register are a must during the holiday shopping season.

  • The right offers
As a time of giving, customers typically become much more generous during the holidays. However, many shoppers still look for opportunities to save money. Creating targeted offers that give customers a chance to save money, are always a good idea. Discounts on individual products or services, or bulk discounts like "Pay for two, get three", are both attractive offers. You could also offer a discount when customers reach a certain dollar threshold. For instance, “Receive 20% off when you spend $200.00 or more.”

  • Enough in stock
Keep a close eye on your stock levels during the holiday season. To prevent disappointing shoppers (who will simply shop elsewhere), it’s important to consider the increase in spending that occurs during the holidays and order products earlier and in the right quantities.

  • Service, Service, Service
Never underestimate the impact of good customer service on your business reputation. That service applies before and after the sale. It also applies to questions that customers might have regarding the possibility of a refund or exchange. Providing excellent customer service during the holidays, is very important if you wish to create long term loyal customers.attractive offers. You could also offer a discount when customers reach a certain dollar threshold. For instance, “Receive 20% off when you spend $200.00 or more.”

  • Plan Boxing Day sales in advance
Remember, customers will continue to shop after the holiday season comes to an end as well. Money and gift cards received as gifts during the holidays, are often spent on Boxing Day and during Boxing Week. Have a strategy planned for post-holiday promotions that include attractive offers, discounts and deals that will draw back customers.


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