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The best marketing initiatives to get you through the slow summer season

While customers are relaxing on the beach during the summer months, business can be slower for most industries. Business owners may experience reduced sales and less customer traffic. Marketing campaigns which were successful during the rest of the year, are suddenly less effective. However, there are opportunities for you to take advantage of the summer season. We’re sharing the best marketing secrets to help you ride the waves of the summer slump, instead of getting caught in the tide.

Summery Newsletters or emails

Over the summer months, you should continue to send out marketing emails – don’t assume that your customers are not reading them. Continue communication and use the chance to stay in contact with your existing and potential new customers. Nowadays, many people are never without their smartphone; even on holiday, checking emails regularly is the norm. Send your customers summer specific content. For instance, the most recent summer trends, action packed weekends getaways, DIY, gardening, swim wear, summer food, or sports. These interests can be used to create attractive, exciting summer marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind - customers typically have more time during their holiday and read email thoroughly and without interruption. Also remember that your customers are often out and about. It’s a good idea to test your newsletters on your smartphone. Make sure that the content is clear and easy to read on a smartphone screen and appears attractive.

Make use of social media over the summer

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc., don't pause over the summer. Quite the opposite; in fact, people all over the world are active on social media posting holiday pics, providing updates on their sporting activities or sharing witty summer festival snaps. Keep your followers up-to-date, or surprise them with a summer competition or special weekly offers. Even original posts help you to maintain your relationships with your followers. Think about summer settings and where your customers are spending their time - at the pool, on the beach, at the lake or in the beer garden. Focus on a summery topic and combine it with content that you'd like to share. The summer season offers many great opportunities to create interesting content.

Bring your advertising up to date

During the slower summer season, it is a good time to get your marketing initiatives up to date. Check that your advertising, website, social media sites and other marketing channels are current. Are you pleased with your branding and is it well received by your customers? Do visitors to your website find what they need easily? How active is your business and are there other opportunities to reach out to your customers better or to make them more aware? Unfortunately, during the hectic shopping seasons, answering these questions can be more difficult. Take the opportunity to address your marketing efforts during the summer months when your have less on your plate. Along with content, check that the design of your advertising material is consistent with your brand. Visual perception is as important as the written information on your materials. This is the first step to optimizing your business and maximizing its potential.

Celebrate the summer festival

You can make headway with your employees, customers and prospective customer online and offline during the hot summer months. Customers typically prefer to be outdoors soaking up the sunlight, enjoying refreshing drinks and spending time with friends and family. Planning a summer festival or event can be an excellent way to get create long term relationships with your customers while enjoying the summer season. Perhaps, you could celebrate the summer months by having an Open House for potential customers who want to learn more about your business.

Decide on a venue for the event, give yourself plenty of time to start planning and consider what attractions would be particularly attractive to people in your local area. Regardless of whether its consultations, a fashion show, an open house, a cosy BBQ, refreshing drinks, product presentations, exciting talks, free activities for the whole family or a raffle for a good cause - there's no end to the creativity which can be built into the planning and implementation of your event.

Begin your advertising several weeks before the event is planned to occur. Send out personalized written invitations to your customers and/or advertize the event in your newsletter, and/or via your social media sites. Write a press release and distribute it to the most important media providers in your area and invite editors to the event. Once the event is over, it can be the perfect opportunity to post photos and videos on social media, provide insight into the event or share an emotional story.

Dare to experiment

"No guts, no glory!”. This is the perfect time to try something new and minimize the risk that may come with busier shopping seasons. Try out a Facebook or Instagram story, make a video or experiment with unusual, creative content. Perhaps you've always wanted to create a Facebook advertisement or try out a completely new social media platform. During quieter periods, you can try out new tactics and determine their effectiveness safely. You may discover new opportunities which can be integrated successfully into your marketing strategy all year long.

Your Chance

Don't underestimate the use of targeted marketing activities and the opportunities available to you during summer months. Rather than reducing your marketing, continue to stay active to ensure your business stays top of mind for existing and prospective customers. Should you experience a slump in business; despite all your efforts, use the time to enjoy the creative break and optimize your business. The most important thing is to continue to think long-term. Even if sales are down, your marketing activities will help ensure that you are prepared for the up and coming, busier seasons. You will reap what you sow. Continuous, targeted marketing provides long-term benefits and secures business success.


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