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Businesses of all sizes all over the world benefit and prosper from their partnership the Cashback World. The positive feedback offered by our customers proves that our Programs provide the neccessary functions that small-medium size businesses are looking for.


Judy Dangel

Enderby Jewelers

“When I heard what Cashback World was about, I knew this was for me. I own my own store, but I am a single store and Cashback World would allow me to reward my customers for shopping.”

Sara Yang


“A close family friend introduced me to Cashback World Partner a few years ago and I was immediately impressed by the size and scale of the program. It was the perfect solution for Koganei.”

 Robert and Melanie Johnson

Johnson Dental

« I always say that when I found out about this, my immediate reaction was ‘ I’m doing this yesterday!’ »
Success with the Cashback World Premium Partner Program
Premium Partner Program
$ 2 990*
one-time payment
*Prices excl. taxes

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Every business has unique yet necessary requirements in order for it to thrive. Our Cashback World Partner Programs make it possible for you to profit from those necessaties and create loyalty with your new and existing customers. Turn customers into shoppers!

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