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Patrick and Willi Köck

Motor Vehicle Service and Trade

We have been working with Cashback World since 2007 and have never regretted the decision. We have picked up B2B partners from all over Austria thanks to them and we've substantially expanded our customer network.

Polish Shop Eden

Convenience Stores

"Partnering with Cashback World has really had many benefits for us: we gathered more loyal customers and the turnover for their individual purchases is usually higher. But best of all, they rather come to our stores than go to large supermarkets and they visit us every week."

Peter Affenzeller

Whisky Distillery

Our customers have high standards and expect a lot from our whiskey. The very fact that we are able to respond to our customers' wishes and, at the same time, offer them shopping benefits, makes for unbeatable customer loyalty. We are proud to be a partner to Cashback World.
Success with the Cashback World Premium Partner Program
Premium Partner Program
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