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Every business has different requirements Our Cashback World Partner Programs make it possible for you to profit from precisely those features which you might require for your business.

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Partner Program

Become a point of acceptance for the Cashback World and turn your business into an attractive shopping destination.

Cashback World Partner Program
€ 299*
one-time payment

Your simple introduction to the world of customer loyalty

As a Cashback World Partner, you make it possible for Members of the Cashback World to collect shopping benefits when shopping with you using their Cashback Card. This makes you an attractive shopping destination for 15 million Members. As a listed Loyalty Merchant to the Shopping Community, you are easier to find and, in so doing, make people more aware of you.

Premium Partner Program

Take advantage of the opportunity to make use of a comprehensive Customer Loyalty Program and increase your business success in a sustainable fashion.

Cashback World Premium Partner Program
€ 1 990*
one-time payment

If you would like to run customer relations on a professional level, then the Premium Partner Program is the right place for you.

Not only this, the Partner Program allows you to register new Cashback World Members and regular customers. You will receive your own set of Cashback cards and registration flyers as well as access to the module for Customer Relation Management and turnover statistics. Additionally, you benefit from up to 1% Marketing Bonus on the purchase price of all purchases made by Members, which you registered, within the Cashback World.

Additional module for your Customer Loyalty Program

You have the opportunity to expand your Premium Partner Program any time with extra features and thus acquire active new and regular customers and to increase your turnover in a sustainable fashion. The following additional modules are available:

Card & Flyer Design Package

If you wish to add a personal touch to your Cashback Cards (loyalty cards) and registration flyers, order a Card & Flyer Design Package in addition to your Premium Partner Program. With the Card & Flyer package you will receive 250 Cashback Cards with your logo along with 250 registration forms with an illustration of your card, in addition to the 200 standard cards and flyers.

Thanks to the bespoke cards, your business is always top of mind as it will be carried around by your customers. Use this to strengthen the relationship with your customers as they will associate your business and logo with the benefits they receive through Cashback World.

€ 399*
one-time payment

Online Shop Connection

Add your online shop to the Cashback World Shopping Community and reach the online shoppers as well as the ones who visit your brick and mortar store.

Connect your online shop without any technical hurdles via our in-house affiliate network. Market your online shop and reach new Cashback World Shoppers in no time at all. You will receive access to a separate management interface that includes the most important performance data allowing you to know where to make improvements. Bring your online shop onboard now.

*Prices exc. VAT

An overview of the Cashback Partner Program

The comprehensive possibilities offered by the Cashback World Retail Product Packages in comparison. Decide for yourself which program suits you.

Partner ProgramPremium Partner Program
Services for Loyalty Merchants
Listed as a member of the international Shopping Community··
Can be found on the Shopping Community websites in 49 countries+++
In the Cashback App, available worldwide+++
On our partners' individual web portals+++
In our partners' apps+++
Listed as a member of the international partner community··
Sales to other partners (B2B sales)+++
Promotional materials
Individual Cashback on company purchases (B2B purchases)··
Up to 1% marketing bonus on purchases from other partners made by registered customers-·
Profile management and customer account
Merchant Lounge··
Customer data management
Recording sales··
Recording Cashback Card sales using a bar code , QR code··
Sales overview/-evaluation··
Shopping Point Deal Module··
Super Cashback··
Customer registration-·
New customer registration in UTERM or in the UTERM app-·
New customer registration using a registration flyer-·
Regular customer registration in UTERM or in the UTERM app-·
Huge range of benefits for registered customers-·
Statistics Module-·
Customer Relations Management (CRM) Module-·
Customer Communications module (newsletters & customer surveys)-·
Online-Shop connection··
Customer cards
Cashback cards for new and regular customers-200 pcs.
On-site registration flyers-200 pcs.
Card & Flyer Design Package (branded Cashback Cards and registration flyers)-·
Maintenance and support
Support for implementation and application··
Maintenance and updates for the modules and features··
·   Included in the package
·   Included in the package (at an additional cost)
- Not included in package
200 pcs. Included with every package. Reorder possible
+, ++ , The number of displayed plus symbols illustrates the influence the selected product has on the sequence in the merchant search.
More plus symbols equals improved ranking.


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