Secure a higher sale and a larger income

Whether you want to purchase a large number of digital gift cards (eVouchers), or a Loyalty Merchant of the Cashback World you wish to tap in to a pool of millions of potential customers by becoming a point of acceptance for the Cashback Card, or you want to market large-scale B2B product solutions, all of this is possible with us. By doing so, you will secure a higher rate of sales, more customers and a larger income.

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Cashback World Enterprise Benefits

Shopping Benefits as a customer magnet

As an established business, you have a base of loyal customers, but you can attract more customers by offering Cashback and Shopping Points every time they make a purchase at your business. More than 14 million Shoppers in the Cashback World plan their purchases around these benefits and enjoy shopping with a business like yours.

Entry without system transition

It is not necessary for to change your current operating systems to become part of the Cashback World Shopping Community. You can accept digital gift cards just as you would normal vouchers and we offer you an uncomplicated and sophisticated technical solution for Cashback Card sales.

Widen your customer scope

A listing on the Cashback World and our partner websites, as well as on the Cashback App, will make potential customers more aware of you and your company. And by offering Shopping Point Deals, you will attract even more attention to your company through advertising in newsletters and on our social media channels.

Our products

As a partner of Cashback World Enterprise, numerous products are available to you which will provide your company with more customers, a higher rate of sales and more revenue.

Cashback Card

Connect with customers as a point of acceptance for Cashback Cards

Digital Gift Cards (eVoucher)

Your digital vouchers as benefits for our Shoppers

Cashback World Website

14 million Shoppers

Cashback App

Shopping, whenever, wherever

Cashback World Newsletter

We will highlight your offers

Social Media

Marketing your brand to our fans

Customer Service & Support

We're here for you

B2B Service

Gain business customers in our B2B network

Cashback World

For more than 17  years now, we have been supporting businesses in their pursuit of new, loyal customers and helping them to increase their long-term sales. We also make our experience in the customer loyalty sector available to your company, ensuring that you can get your business on the path to success.

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